Grand Prix Dressage Horse Clocks Up 100 Imprint Shoeings

Marcel, a Grand Prix dressage horse now retired, has reached what must be a world record, having been shod continuously with Imprint Sport shoes 100 times over nearly 12 years. Owned by Mrs Ann Glennie in Gloucestershire, this horse, a 1990 foal was first shod with Imprint Sport shoes on 1st March 2005.


There were no hoof defects or any particular problems with the conventional shoeing regime and has been shod by Andrew Poynton since he was first ridden as a 4 year old. He is a bright horse and talented, so with dedicated training with Ann Glennie’s daughter, rider Mary and then Ali he worked up to Grand Prix level. The family had many years of pleasure competing him.

Healthy foot prior to shoeing.

When he was 15 years old Ann agreed to the Imprint Sport shoes being trialled on Marcel. These shoes were as a result of further development following the success of the Imprint First and then Imprint Plus range of horseshoes.

Full hoof integrity.

The objective was to design a revolutionary work/sport shoe with the durability of conventional nail on metal shoes but without the associated risks of injury from nailing and injury from the metal. All of these objectives have been realised, not only that but when on road exercise the girls noticed that Marcel was much more confident walking out, whereas previously he found the road surface very slippery.

Hind shod with Imprint Sport Shoe.

Hind shod with Imprint Sport Shoe.

The Imprint Sport shoe also has the advantage of being less than half the weight of steel and is designed to flex with the hoof so that essential natural expansion is maintained. When working in the arena his paces were enhanced with more exuberance, elevation and extension to his stride. As a result Ann vowed to keep Marcel fitted with the Imprint Sport shoes; so up to January 2017 he has been continuously fitted with them, which is approaching 12 years, totalling 100 sets of Imprint Sport shoes. (Ever since he began developing the Imprint Shoeing System, Andrew has documented all the horses he has shod or treated with the shoes.)