Imprint Foal

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Uniquely designed to accommodate the delicate developing foal foot.

The Foal shoe is sold in the regular shape and form without extensions, but can easily be modified for specific conditions by the farrier or vet using Imprint Hoof Repair granules.

Imprint Foal Shoe
Imprint Foal shoe can be modified to create lateral or caudal extensions.

Key Features

Ultra light (from 35g)

Completely mouldable

Flexes with the foot

Quick and easy to fit

Safe, low working temperature

Versatile and adaptable

Unique resilient dual attachment

Bio-degradable plastic

Imprint Foal

Available in the following three sizes. (Sold in pairs)

Order No.Size including rim*
ITS 702 ¾" Wide x 3" Long (70mm x 75mm)
ITS 823 ¼" Wide x 3 ¾" Long (82mm x 95mm)
ITS 893 ½" Wide x 4" Long (89mm x 100mm)