Hoof Repair with Imprint Shoes

For Extension, Graduation and Infilling any Area Needing Extra Material

When bonding Imprint thermoplastic – faces to be bonded must be above 60°C/140°F sticky like gum, and transparent in appearance. Note: Imprint Plus – Graphite does not appear transparent when heated.

  • Imprint Hoof Repair granules used with Imprint Therapeutic Shoes enable significant remodelling and balancing of the hoof.
  • To use: Add the desired amount of granules to hot water with the already softening Imprint Therapeutic Shoe, when the Hoof Repair granules are clear, model to required area of Imprint Therapeutic shoe; then either continue to apply the Imprint Structural Adhesive and fit to foot, or if the material is beginning to film over, reheat before going on to the next stage.
  • Extensions where-ever required: Experience has shown that if dealing with a contracted foot e.g.4 1/2” wide that ideally should be 5” wide; to create bi-lateral symmetry; it is better to fit a pair of 5” Imprint Therapeutic Shoes and using softened Imprint Hoof Repair, fill the gap between the contracted foot and the edge of the shoe, rather than fitting a 4 1/2” shoe and adding extensions on to the outside. When in corpora ting extensions more indents may be required in that area. Blend extension to foot to reduce shoe loss risk.
  • Graduation to Imprint Therapeutic Shoes: To attain the required angle, add the heated Hoof Repair granules to the foot bearing surface of the heated Imprint Therapeutic shoe to the required depth then proceed.
  • Similarly to make up for voids and undulations in the hoof: Add the required amount of Hoof Repair granules to the corresponding part of the Imprint Therapeutic shoe, and then proceed to the next stage.
  • Extensions to Imprint Therapeutic Shoes already fitted to the foot: If an extension or graduation is required after fitting, the use of a heat gun will soften the Imprint Shoe, then preheated Imprint Hoof Repair granules may be added to create the desired effect.
Imprint Hoof Repair original white granules

Hoof Repair Granules

Adding Imprint Hoof Repair material to an Imprint shoe frog plate

Hoof Repair material added to the frog plate of an Imprint shoe for a case with a receded frog.