Foal Shoe Fitting

Imprint Foal Shoe fitting images

Foot preparation:

It is important to appreciate the immature nature of the foal’s foot.

  • Trim hoof as normal; remove waxy periople from around heels.
  • Use a 2mm (1/8”) burr, cut ‘micro-indentations’ (see A and B), half depth of hoof wall, 4mm (3/16”) diameter, every 12mm (1/2”) around lower hoof wall, then follow the standard Imprint fitting instructions.


Fitting Imprint shoe extensions

  • Make more micro-indentations in area where an extension is to be added to either side or toe of the hoof.
  • Follow instructions as above, but when heating the shoe, add sufficient Imprint Hoof Repair plastic to the container to make extension.
  • When plastic becomes translucent it can be welded to the shoe.
  • Immediately fit shoe to foot and finish modelling extension in situ.
  • It is helpful to press plastic into micro-indentations with tip of mixing nozzle.
  • Ensure there is always adhesive between the plastic and the horn.
  • Blend extension up hoof wall for strength and to prevent loss, particularly on inside medial extensions.
  • A straight edge knife is useful when shaping extension.
  • When complete, shoe and extension is hardened using Imprint Shoe Freezer; concentrate on base of extension where most cooling is needed.
  • When cool and completely hard, allow to bear weight.
  • Check for any movement or gaps between shoe and hoof.
  • Keep patient standing for ten minutes or until adhesive has cured.


Further extension or graduation after fitting:

  • Using a small gas torch, apply localised heat to soften shoe surface then weld preheated Imprint Hoof Repair plastic and mould to shape then cool.
  • Prefabricated extensions: When large extensions are required such as a caudal extension (see C), this can be prefabricated on the Imprint shoe prior to fitting, and then completely cooled before fitting as above. For details on this procedure see here.