Sport Shoe Fitting

Imprint Sport Shoe photo fitting sequence


  • Select Imprint Sport shoe equal to hoof dimensions.
  • Place in container on shoe support, ground surface up, to elevate rim.
  • Add a small quantity of Imprint Hoof Repair material to container for later use (see 4).
  • Add boiling water (100°C) to immerse rim only. Softening and manipulating ground bearing parts is liable to weaken shoe.
  • Heat shoe for approximately 2 minutes until rim is malleable.


  • Prepare hoof by bevelling edge around toe, back towards white line to accommodate rim of Imprint Sport shoe. Rasp lower hoof and remove periople or soft horn from heel to heel to height of rim.
  • Apply surgical spirit to underside of hoof only.
  • Drill* 3-4 dowel key points 8-10mm diameter, 2/3 depth of wall as shown on both sides of hoof. This is essential for successful shoe retention.

*Using modified wood drill, centre shortened to 1mm with safety depth stop fitted.


  • Wear latex gloves.
  • Whilst shoe is still heating, apply a thin layer of Imprint Structural Adhesive to outer lower hoof wall from heel to heel and into the bars to height of shoe rim.
  • Hoof can be placed on ground.


Take the softened Imprint Hoof Repair material from the hot water and form a skin around heels and into bars. Be careful not to handle adhesive on hoof wall.


  • Quickly remove shoe from hot water by holding frog plate.
  • Peel shoe support away from shoe, taking care not to deform rim.
  • Position shoe centrally on hoof as shown, toe of shoe in line with hoof wall – not forward of it – heels parallel.
  • Ensure contact with frog, leaving sole seating clearance.
  • Using both hands, cup hoof. With fingers lying over shoe rim edge, press gently, ensuring even and blended bond between hoof wall and shoe rim.
  • To retain strength, avoid stretching rim up hoof wall.


  • When satisfied with position and fit, shoe cooling may commence.
  • Using Imprint Shoe Freezer, spray all surfaces of shoe only. Do not spray any sensitive parts of the horse’s foot.
  • Ensure that shoe is completely hard before allowing weight bearing.


  • Check that shoe rim and hoof wall bond is intact.
  • Run a bead of Imprint Structural Adhesive around top of shoe rim and smooth with finger.


  • Stand for at least ten minutes or until adhesive has set.
  • Fitting is complete.

Shoe Removal

  • Rasp away rim down to horn and peel away from heels using hoof nippers.
  • Alternatively hoof nippers can be used carefully to cut rim away more quickly. Make sure shoe is completely detached before attempting to peel it off.

CAUTION – Do not attempt to tear shoe from hoof as it is liable to cause damage.


Sport shoe fitting and removal.