Collapsed Heels

If faced with undermined or collapsed heels, Imprint Hoof Repair can be effectively used to remedy the situation.


  • Trim and balance hoof as best as possible – the foot may still be out of balance due to deficit of hoof and conformation. Remove any deformed horn that is safely possible to remove. Rasp the lower hoof wall even at buttress.
  • Clean using surgical spirit and thoroughly clean the bars – use a loop knife. Allow to vaporise.
  • Whether one heel or two are to be treated, do the following:
  • If there is a sensitive area in the seat of corn this should be filled using Keratex wax putty. Do not cover any infected, acutely sensitive areas.
  • Apply Imprint Adhesive onto the ground-bearing surface of the wall and sole from the toe quarter widening out to encompass the bars and clefts either side of the frog and as far as the bulbs of the heels – but not onto the soft fleshy bulbs.
  • Wearing latex gloves, take softened Imprint Hoof Repair from the hot water and apply over the area of the adhesive forming the desired shape as th material is laid down.
  • An extended heel-bearing area can be created on a foot with a severely under-run heels.
  • Additionally, a mild graduation and extension is often required, bringing the level of the heels in line with the bearing surface of the frog and creating a more symmetrical outline to the hoof with a more central base of support for the limb.
  • Cool the Imprint Hoof Repair concentrating especially in the area of greatest mass. Make sure it is cool and hard to its core before allowing to weight-bear.
  • When the adhesive has cured after approximately 10 minutes, the material can be rasped if required to improve shape.
  • An appropriate shoe can then be fitted.