Imprint First Horseshoe

Why were Imprint shoes developed?

Imprint First - Oval horseshoe

Imprint First – Oval

The key features of the Imprint First support shoe are: the ability to gently mould without trauma, the shoe to the hoof. It provides early essential support to the bone column without constricting circulation via its unique frog cradle – this is formed around the frog and in contact with the ground, minimising the chance of further P3 descent.

The digital cushion under the P3 is a compressible structure above the frog which is also pliable. When the lamellar bond is weakened and the pedal bone liable to be torn out of the hoof by the skeletal load above, it needs serious support that will not compress further.

Soft compressible materials may provide a cushion and some pain relief, but will not prevent decent of the pedal bone, and tend to make the foot sweat and soften the solar horn. Once the shoes are fitted, the patient usually displays immediate comfort and pain relief – the pressure now being taken by the Imprint shoe and not the sole.

The sole is elevated out of load alleviating the crushed solar corium, allowing air to circulate under the hoof allowing a dry stronger sole to develop. Even when the sole has prolapsed, given time, it usually regains its concavity.

Imprint Plus has the same support and flexibility features of the First shoe together with increased wear and grip qualities on most surfaces.

Imprint Sport provides maximum support for the working horse yet is extremely hard-wearing but less than half the weight of steel.