First and Plus Fitting

Imprint First and Plus Shoe fitting images



  • Place shoe in container on shoe support.
  • Add Imprint Hoof Repair material if required.
  • Add boiling water… 100°C to cover rim only.
  • Heat until malleable – approx 2 minutes.


  • Whilst shoe is heating, bevel edge of hoof wall.
  • Create 6-8 crisp keying points around the lower edge of hoof wall.
  • 8 or 10mm diameter and 2/3 depth of hoof wall.


  • Apply Imprint Adhesive to hoof wall to height of shoe rim.


  • Remove shoe from container wearing wet latex gloves.
  • Shake off excess water.
  • If required, add extra Imprint Hoof Repair to frog plate to ensure ample contact with frog.
  • Run a wet finger around rim to open out a little.


  • Position and mould shoe centrally on foot.
  • Quickly blend rim to hoof wall.
  • Maintain original rim height.
  • Press plastic into indentations.
  • Ensure good frog contact.
  • Blend heels of shoe to hoof.


  • Harden with Imprint Freezer.
  • The shoe should be hard before weight-bearing.


  • Run a bead of Adhesive around rim.
  • Fitting is complete.
  • Let horse stand until adhesive is hard.
  • Minor finishing can be done with a rasp to smooth edges.
  • Any area needing remodelling can be reheated using a small flame torch.

Shoe Removal

  • Rasp away rim down to horn and peel away from heels using hoof nippers.
  • Alternatively hoof nippers can be used carefully to cut rim away more quickly. Make sure shoe is completely detached before attempting to peel it off.

CAUTION – Do not attempt to tear shoe from hoof as it is liable to cause damage.


First & Plus shoe fitting and removal.