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Friday 24th March 2023

CPD Training Course

Venue: Bellevue Equine Clinic, Millards Hill, Truddoxhill, Frome BA11 5DW

Time: 9am – 5pm

The elements within this course are divided into knowledge, anatomy, physiology and pathology followed by a practical demonstration, usually on a live case, of one of the techniques developed for treating that particular condition. This covers the morning sessions and then throughout the afternoon the students receive intensive hands-on practical tuition. The focus is related to understanding the causes and effects of the condition and effective and simple resolution restoring structure and function to the hoof and whole foot. Our objective is to impart new knowledge, pass on practical skills that can be repeated methodically to achieve consistent results.

To book a place or for further details on this course please contact Julia on Tel: 01666 822953

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