Imprint First Front Round Horseshoe 6.5"

New size 6 ½” Imprint First shoe


Imprint First Front Round Horseshoe 6.5"


We are pleased to announce a new addition to our range of Imprint First shoes.

Horses with hooves as large as 6 ½” (165mm) can now be accommodated. The new Imprint First Round shoe would be appropriate for larger cobs and horses with some draft breeding in them.

Specifically designed for the treatment of laminitis, Imprint First has stood the test of time and scientific rigour resulting in a peer reviewed paper being published by the staff of Utrecht University in Holland. Details of their findings can be seen on our website.

Now in our 20th year thousands of laminitics have benefitted from the skilled application of the Imprint First shoe. Those benefits can now be extended to the larger footed horse.

Imprint First shoe features
  • Large range of sizes in – Oval, Round and Hind
  • Completely mouldable
  • Flexes with the foot
  • Ultra light (from 35g)
  • W flexing bar
  • Strengthens hoof wall
  • Transparent when heated
  • Rolled toe
  • Seated out foot surface
  • Seals out degradation
  • Bio-degradable plastic


To get up to date with our latest techniques and discover the transforming effect of using Imprint First shoes see our Imprint Day courses (CPD Accredited) for farriers and vets. Do get in touch for more information or to enrol.