Imprint Ultra Fast Adhesive

New – Imprint Ultra-Fast Adhesive



Introducing Imprint Ultra-Fast Adhesive

We are delighted to announce our new advanced and Ultra-Fast Imprint Adhesive.  With the improved formula tried, trialled and rigorously tested.

With all of the original advantages of our Imprint Adhesive – works where moisture is present and maintains strength long term but now at least 2-3 times faster curing. Ambient temperature will still vary the cure rate.

Imprint Ultra-Fast cures quickly so that when the Imprint shoe is hardened the Ultra-Fast is well on its way to structural strength but still allowing for application before going off.

Be ready for a more efficient routine – only apply the Imprint Ultra-Fast to the hoof when the shoe is ready heated for application.

What are the advantages?

Speeds up the shoeing process, making it more time efficient.

Shortens the vulnerable open cure time when the shoe can be dislodged improving job quality.

Fractious horses have less time standing.

Be ready for Ultra-Fast Imprint shoe experience, better quality, more efficiently delivered!

Product details:

  • 50 ml cartridge +
  • 2 minimal wastage mixer nozzles

Order No. ISA 2

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