Imprint Shoes

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Imprint First

Developed specifically for the early treatment of laminitis. It is the recommended shoe ideal for the initial stages of a laminitic episode, where box rest is advised, as it normally provides immediate pain relief whilst stabilizing and inhibiting P3 descent.

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Imprint Plus

Imprint Plus, with its improved polymer formulation, provides all the support and flexibility together with increased wear and grip, and is the preferred option for a range of hoof conditions and during the laminitic recovery process when gentle exercise is being introduced.

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Imprint Foal

This thermoplastic shoe is completely mouldable and mates perfectly with delicate developing foal foot. Ultra light weighing from 35g, flexes with the foot, range of sizes.

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Imprint Sport

A range of shoes in both fronts and hinds, ideal for resolving poor quality hoof issues when it’s difficult or simply impossible to nail on a conventional shoe. The horse can continue in work whilst the foot is recovering.

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