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With Comfortable Shoes… the Horses Move Better… Dressage Scores Improve…


“We first became users of Imprint shoes many years ago when one of our horses had a problem and became one of Imprint Shoes first “guinea pigs”.   Our horses do top level dressage, but also go hacking and jumping for relaxation.   We, as guinea pigs, have therefore used most of the different types of imprint shoes.   I can honestly say that although we started using them as a remedial shoe the horses are so happy in them I would not dream of going back to a traditional steel shoe.   While out hacking with horses in steel shoes who are slipping and sliding on sloping and slippery tarmac our horse in an Imprint Sport shoe walks securely out with no slipping at all – with a very smug look on his face.

The shoes are so comfortable for the horses they all move better and dressage scores improve.   We had one horse who was lame for a considerable time and eventually became an insurance loss as we could not get him sound even after months and months of rest.   Every time he came back into work he would go lame again.

We then asked for him to be put in Imprint shoes, where the foot was also re-balanced using their special plastic  and the horse was immediately 80% better.   By the time of the second shoeing he was completely sound and has remained so and is back competing again.

In addition to the obvious comfort where the horse looks happier and moves better, there are no more lost shoes, especially in the mud.   Whereas one particular horse was always losing shoes whenever he was turned out, in all the years we have been using Imprint Shoes we have never lost a shoe.   All our horses are now in Imprint Shoes permanently and I would not dream of going back to traditional steel shoes.”


Nr. Cirencester, Gloucestershire