About Us

Poynton Ltd and the Imprint® Equine Foot Care System were established in March 2000 by Andrew Poynton after many years of research and development. Andrew, a Fellow and an examiner for the Worshipful Company of Farriers, specialises in remedial farriery and manages the Poynton Farriery Clinic in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Andrew developed the Imprint® Equine Foot Care System which has revolutionised the way in which a number of hoof care problems, including laminitis, are treated.

The system utilises low-melt, thermoplastic technology that enables the horseshoe to be hand-moulded and glued to the hoof without the need for nails. Their application to a carefully trimmed and balanced foot, preferably with the aid of radiographs, is non-traumatic and the recovery rates are consistently good. The Imprint® Equine Foot Care system is prescribed by leading equine veterinarians and fitted by experienced farriers both nationally and internationally.

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Andrew Poynton